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2 things that have made me see things differently

Hello everyone I know I don’t do this a lot and I never really know how to start so I’m just gonna go ahead and say stuff… Recently, with it being January and all, I’ve found myself reflecting on last year, as you do. I’ve realised that last year was […]

Why wait

Happy Holidays everyone! I don’t know about you but my news feed had been filled today with people making all the New Year’s resolutions under the sun. …And I started to wonder, why do people wait for a new year to make that positive change in their life? Why do […]

Diary Entry 1

I’ve decided to keep a photoshoot diary. 16/11/14 Woke up at 8am on a Sunday…couldn’t sleep. I really wanted to write down a shoot that is probably one of my favourites so far.  I kind of wish I did it right after we finished but it was so mad and […]