Gipsy Dharma – If you’ve always been looking for the best leather boots…

…stop looking! They’re right here Gipsy Dharma

So this weekend I had the pleasure of shooting with the lovely lady behind the Gipsy Dharma brand. We covered a bed in flowers and there was a lot of body-painting involved :) The photos will be out soon.

So, I got given a pair of these amazing boots and a skirt, both handmade and leather.



I absolutely love both of them. The boots are like second skin but at the same time very sturdy. All those pretty laces might look like a lot of work to do up every time, but the good news is, you don’t have to! They have a hidden zip and you only have to adjust them once. I wore them with veeery think socks and they felt like I was walking on clouds. that NEVER happens with new shoes.

The skirt is, again, the best one I’ve ever had. It’s completely adjustable so if you’ve ever been,like me, a bit self-conscious about showing your stomach during the Summer, you don’t have to worry about it in this! It fits perfectly and flatters any figure.

The leather is thy dyed so every one is unique in terms of colours. Seeing as they are all hand made they can’t obviously be all the same, so you would have a completely unique piece of clothing to last for years :) Oh and it has a cute little hidden pocket for your valuables if you’re at a festival or anything of the sorts.



So here’s a shot of me dancing in my lovely boots and skirt. If you’ve been looking for your new summer look, look no further, this is the definition of summer(or at least…that’s what the guy on the underground said 😉 )

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