Why wait

Happy Holidays everyone!

I don’t know about you but my news feed had been filled today with people making all the New Year’s resolutions under the sun.

…And I started to wonder, why do people wait for a new year to make that positive change in their life? Why do a few digits in a calendar make so much of a difference? I’m not saying I’ve never done it, of course I have, I even have a long list of superstitions I used to follow religiously. I used to wear red pants and always make sure I had some money on me when the clock struck midnight because I thought it would bring me luck and wealth. As if red pants guarantees luck for a whole year haha. Wouldn’t that be cool tho! Red pants would sell out everywhere!

Anyway, moving on. I know that this will probably be a bit redundant now as it’s the 1st of January tomorrow but I’ll say it anyway.

Don’t wait!

Why wait until a whole new year to change your life? Why not right now? In a few seconds there will be a whole new minute happening! Why not start then? :)

You don’t need to wait.


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