2 things that have made me see things differently

Hello everyone I know I don’t do this a lot and I never really know how to start so I’m just gonna go ahead and say stuff… Recently, with it being January and all, I’ve found myself reflecting on last year, as you do. I’ve realised that last year was […]

Why wait

Happy Holidays everyone! I don’t know about you but my news feed had been filled today with people making all the New Year’s resolutions under the sun. …And I started to wonder, why do people wait for a new year to make that positive change in their life? Why do […]

Diary Entry 1

I’ve decided to keep a photoshoot diary. 16/11/14 Woke up at 8am on a Sunday…couldn’t sleep. I really wanted to write down a shoot that is probably one of my favourites so far.  I kind of wish I did it right after we finished but it was so mad and […]

MYJ Beauty

I’m delighted to have been given the opportunity to review a brilliant new make up brand called MYJ Beauty! You can follow them on here Facebook or their website So, I got a lipstick in shade 07, Oxford Street  and it come with a tiny mirror on the cap so you’re never […]

Fashion exhibition and [CREATIV]

Had a lovely time last night at the Romanian Cultural Institute in London. There was a fashion exhibition showcasing 4 brilliant Romanian designers. Here are links to their websites, check them out, their new collections are truly remarkable. Lucian Broscatean Cristina Sabaiduc Ioana Ciolacu Lana Dumitru Also wanted to mention […]

…and introducing Shudder Shots

Shudder shots is me and my partner’s gig and party photography name. Say you go to this really crazy party/ festival/gig whatever, and you dress up, you look amazing, you have an amazing night, but no one is there to capture it forever in photos. Or…there might be someone with […]

New projects on the horizon

So my last few days have been filled with mostly editing and web browsing.  During these countless hours I’ve discovered this awesome project  …it’s all about a photographer who has done a shoot for different color themes. This one is orange and it’s just breathtaking. I’ve discovered The Garden Museum […]

Girl with moth

This is my first edit (click on it for bigger view)of my recent shoot with Natalie Kelsay, that is actually a real moth on her lips, she’s an amazing model! Thank you so much for working with me! More edits coming soon! Also, gave a bag of chocolate to a […]

First and second day of 100 Happy Days!

So yesterday I decided to start the 100 Happy Days challenge. If you’ve  never heard of it here’s  the website go check it out and give it a try! My happy thing yesterday was returning from an amazing gig after seeing loads of old friends and having a laugh Also the […]